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Introducing the new, leading shared ownership model…

Are you an NHS provider in need of new building?

This market-leading shared ownership model has been developed for GPs, PCNs or Federations

  • Building ownership giving full operational and clinical control
  • No capital investment or personal guarantees required to proceed
  • Works with exiting NHS/GP capital funds, reducing rent or releasing capital
  • Sale/lease-back of existing properties but maintaining ownership and control
  • Development funding underwritten by CCG and or ZCap funder
  • Investment returns and capital growth providing personal pension fund options
  • No development risk or direct development costs for GP practice
  • Fully reimbursable costs and lease payments, can be confident of DV approval
  • No negative equity risk for the GP Practice, help with any existing
  • Supporting Digitally Enhanced Primary Care, ensuring service flexibility
  • Digital Design Standard ensuring flexible and adaptable spaces maximising capacity
  • Multidisciplinary delivery with no commercial barriers restricting building use

ZCap Sale & Leaseback – Offering

ZCap Sale & Leaseback – Offering full control and ownership

Unlike a more traditional Sale & Leaseback proposals ZCap ensures you maintain ownership and control via ZCap’s unique structure.

The ZCap Sale & Leaseback has all ZCap benefits and risk mitigation of a new build development but is designed to support:

  • Partner buyouts and succession planning, attracting new partners into the practice
  • Refinance existing properties, realise capital for upgrades/pension investment
  • Support remodelling and extensions of existing properties, responding to requirements


Our Digitally Enhanced Primary Care Model has been developed to integrate into every stage of the Health Planning and Design processes to ensure it fully supports the project clinical delivery model.

Digitally Enhanced Primary Care integrates into the health assessment, delivering additional flexible access for patients, better support for clinicians and enhanced clinical capacity but minimising the required building area.

Enhanced Infection Control options and ability to respond better to any future epidemics/pandemics have been built into the model to ensure greater resilience.

Digital consultation is facilitated through our bespoke set of Design Standards developed to work alongside NHS guidance. With a specific set of Digital Consultation Spaces, the Design Standards support both enhanced clinical capacity as well as offering service flexibility throughout a building.

The NHS total triage model is at the heart of the process, accommodating all forms of patient contact. The triage model links directly into the Design Standards to ensure the most flexible, adaptable and appropriate space options are considered.

Digitally EnhancedPrimary Care
Download our Digitally Enhanced Primary Care brochure for full details.

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