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Our aim is to support our partners to make the best use of their existing estate. Especially in the context of scarce resources, any new developments should only respond to an identifiable service, capacity, locality or suitability requirement which has been confirmed by the asset management process. Our job is to support informed decision making with good estate information.

Data management

We can undertake utilisation assessments, building facet reviews and service needs analysis, and infrastructure reviews to help develop strategic plans. We will then use this data to support our partners through estate transformation and improvement programmes.


Demographic mapping

It is now essential for public estates teams to understand the needs of the communities they serve in order to deliver the right services to the right people, in the most cost effective way. We believe in an evidence based approach to inform, shape and underpin the delivery of services through local plans and core strategies. This is necessary to ensure that services and the building from which they are delivered are in the correct locations.


Operational cost analysis

In an age of scarce resources we recognise that the public sector as a whole is under immense pressure to maintain the delivery of quality services while working with a shrinking budget and asset pool. That’s why we’ve developed a range of services aimed at tackling the challenges of the modern public sector estate.


Specific Services include:

  1. Existing estate strategic reviews
  2. Evaluation of the existing estate: 6-facet surveys
  3. Estate utilisation studies
  4. Functional suitability appraisals
  5. Demographic mapping and profiling
  6. Costs of occupancy
  7. Lease management – Landlord & tenant advice (link to PFI and lease management)
  8. Delivery and administration area ratio analysis
  9. Energy management and procurement reviews
  10. Environmental sustainability review
  11. Statutory regulation compliance and quality standards
  12. Customer satisfaction monitoring
  13. Mapping estate – Service delivery points and catchment
  14. Mapping the wider local estate, forecasting change
  15. FM market testing, administration and monitoring of FM contracts
  16. Property and land valuation
  17. Business rate review
  18. Buildings insurance analysis

Our clients say...

"We have worked alongside Castle Gate Projects who have provided excellent property advice on some of our recent acquisitions and developments. I am very happy to recommend their services which often exceeded our expectations"

Kamran Naseem, Director, Fine Fair Housing